The MA'AMS Mission

MA’AMS provides access to affordable menstrual supplies while offering sustainable economic empowerment to marginalized individuals. MA’AMS seeks to address systemic and cultural barriers that prevent menstruating folks from a sanitary and dignified period. Get involved today!




Mother Earth & Aunt Flo

Scientists have made it clear; we must change our lifestyles in order to save the planet from climate catastrophe. At MA'AMS, we believe one small change that can have a major positive impact is shifting away from one time use paper and plastic waste. Not only are MA'AMS pads reusable, but materials at MA'AMS are made 100% from biodegradable materials. This means that they can be added to your local compost to help grow more plant life and continue the cycle of sustainability.


If She Bleeds, she leads

Menstrual stigma has obvious, immediate negative impacts. However, at MA'AMS we recognize that the repercussions of period shame run even deeper than the forbidden nature of asking a mixed sex room if anyone has a tampon. Menstruation's taboo disposition can have profound, long lasting damage. We are working to stop that stigma and empower menstruators to bring periods out of the rhetorical shadows. MA'AMS drives to cultivate a period-friendly culture where bleeding does not impede leading.


our sisters & The System

Between a gender discriminatory wage gap and a “luxury tax” on menstrual supplies, bleeding between the legs can really add up. This injustice is further compounded for marginalized women including women of color, disabled women, immigrant women, post-incarcerated women, and trans folks. At MA'AMS, we recognize that in order to join hand in hand for menstrual justice, women must leverage their privilege to lift up their sisters over a cycle of oppression.