La menstruacion es la única sangre que no nace de la violencia y es la que más asco te da.
— Unknown

Simply put: we make pads. In fact,  MA'AMS pads are not only reusable -- they are made 100% from biodegradable supplies grown in the United States. We place the utmost importance on sourcing our materials within close proximity to eschew the chemicals often required to make a transcontinental trips. MA'AMS pads are not only environmentally responsible; they are certifiably adorable.


Finally, we challenge sexist norms. For our whole lives, we have been told to keep quiet about menstruation. At MA'AMS, we are ready to stop the stigma. We believe in celebrating what is a beautiful and natural phenomenon.  We believe we have been silenced, shamed, and forced into stalls to noiselessly nurture something that happens to half of the population, a quarter of their adult life. We say out of the stalls and into the streets! It is a menstruation celebration!



Our Mission

MA’AMS provides access to affordable menstrual supplies while offering sustainable economic empowerment to marginalized individuals. MA’AMS seeks to address systemic and cultural barriers that prevent menstruating folks from a sanitary and dignified period.